And We're No Gonnae Leave Here

e                                  D
An' we're no gonnae leave here
e                     b
Not withoot a fight
      e                     D
For if we are the workin' class
         e           D         e
Then workin' is our right
                   G                              D
And if they think that they can pick us up
       e                                b
And drop us when they want
        e                       D
This time we are determined
     e                  D              C
To show them that they can't.

                e                            D               e                                  b
Oor plant ayeways made a profit and things were looking grand
             e                            D                 e                 D        e
For the bosses asked for money tae help them tae expand
              G                                    D                                       e                                 b
And the government a' looked really smug when they coughed up tae the Yanks
        e                                        D                        e                D             C
Who thanked them and went laughing a' the way hame tae their banks.

Then they said that they were sorry, but their plans were a' revoked
And their promise o' expansion, it seems was just a joke
And they smiled and clapped us on the back and said, It's quitting time
But when the factory gates were shut, we were still inside.

And they'll call us reds and anarchists, say we're ootside the law
But it's them that stole the taxpayers' money, and we pay tax and a'
And we're no here oot of preference, not for political gain
We're here tae show some Scottish pride against American shame.

And we're here for the future, a time that we'll no see
Tae free oor children's children from the crime o' poverty
And those men o' greed, wi' land an' money, who try to keep us down
Will one day see their mighty empires crumble tae the ground.

(Noten)   (Midi)