The Back O' The North Wind

D /G A/A7 /A7 D/D /G A/A7 /A7 D/D A
           D                                                                  G
In the grey o' the gloamin' there sits an old man
                              D                                       G
Wi' a glint in his eye and a glass in his hand
              D                                                                             G
And he sings tae the new day when the old day is done
             h                        D                                                     h       G
Cryin', Where are my daughters and where are my sons.

      D                                                                 G
It's rovin' for pleasure by mountain and stream
                   D                                      G
Rovin' for sorrow wi' whisky for dreams
D                                                            G
Rovin' for fortune on a far foreign shore
                                 D                         A               D
At the back o' the north wind it's rovin' no more.


The old woman pulls at the old shuttle wheel
She sings o' the cradle, the plough and the creel
She sings to the bairns as she weaves and she spins
An old woman's song tae the tune o' the winds.


D /h A/G D/A

There's a maiden who scatters the seed on the land
But the wind takes a share o' the seed from her hand
That others might harvest what Scotland can sow
As far as the blast o' the north wind can blow.

           G                   D                         A               D
At the back o' the north wind it's rovin' no more.

D /G A/A7 /A7 D/D /G A/A7 /A7 D/D /G A

(Noten)   (Midi)