Back Smiling Again

(Capo 3. Bund; Tuning: EADGBD)

a        F          G       C
Yeah, yeah – yeah, yeah
a            F           G             C           a            F            G     C
I will not hold my friends to ransom; I will not test their loyalty
a                      F                G       C        a            F         G     C
This may have been some lost religion; I will not bow to royalty
a        F          G       C
Yeah, yeah – yeah, yeah

You see these eyes you see these fingers
Well they have played a noble game
They’ve wandered through these towns and cities
And never met two folks the same (Yeah, yeah – yeah, yeah)

There is no poison in this Chalice
There is no drug I have not tried
I may be on the road to nowhere
But I have lived and I have died (Yeah, yeah – yeah, yeah)

a                             F                      G                                C            E7
I do not miss those true romances this may have been a close run game
a                                      F                        G                                 C
I may have missed some famous chances but I have come back smiling again
      a   F    G       C            a   F   G       C
Oh yeah – yeah, yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

I have been lost there’ no denying
I have seen danger on the track
Along the way there’s been some crying
For I have been to hell and back (Yeah ...)

I don’t know where you get this notion
I don’t know why you crave this time
That could have been a taste of heaven
That must have been sweet love devine (Yeah ...)


I took some chances in the twilight
And I was shivering in the snow
I nearly let those big waves take me

But that was all so long ago (Yeah ...)

(Noten)   (Midi)