D                                                 A                               b
One day as I was walking by the shores of Loch Indaal
  G                           A                         D
I met a man with sadness in his eyes.
                                                               A                             b
The story was as haunting as the lonely seabird's call
              G                        A           b
And he told me of the day he wept and walked away
           D                                 A                         D
As he watched the fire at Bruichladdich die.

He told me of a place once would never sleep
With hiss of steam and clang and furnace roar
And how that sleeping beauty lies trapped in slumber deep
The moonbeams full of dust and gates in chains of rust
And ghosts that wander the Bruichladdich floor.

               G                       D                      A              D
And the moon smiles kindly on the western seas
b                               A
Perfume tumbles on the midnight breeze
        G                            D               A         D
And standing on the island of distilleries
                b            A                            D             b/A/D
You can almost see the coast of heaven.

Here I stand again after years have gone by
With a Bruichladdich in my hand once more
That reminds me of the magic of a moonlit sky
The way it catches light and smells of summer nights
And the sea that touches the Bruichladdich shore.


So I'll drink to the men who saw a tiny spark
And thought that they could turn it to a flame
The men who chased the dream and dragged it from the dark
To see the light of day and fought to find a way
To bring new meaning to the Bruichladdich name.


(Noten)   (Midi)