Cousin Jack

e                                       C
This land is barren and broken
D                                              G       D
Scarred like the face of the moon
e                                        b
Our tongue is no longer spoken
C                                          D
Towns all around us face ruin.
e                                           C
Will there be work in New Brunswick
D                                  G        D
Will I find gold in the Cape?
e                                             b
If I tunnel way down to Australia
C                         D
Oh will I ever escape?


G                                           D
Where there's a mine or a hole in the ground
e                                                 C
That's where I'm heading for that's where I'm bound
     D                                    G           D                C     D
So look for me under the lode or inside the vein
                   G                                            D
Where the copper the clay where the arsenic and tin
e                                     C
Run in your blood and under the skin
      D                                    G                    D                  C
I'm leaving the county behind and I'm not coming back
     D               C                  e
So Follow me down cousin Jack.

The soil was too poor to make Eden / Granite and sea left no choice
Though visions of heaven sustained us / When John Wesley gave us a voice.
Did Joseph once come to St. Michael's mount / Two thousand years pass in a dream
When you're working your way in the darkness / Deep in the heart of the seam.


e                                            C
I dream of a bridge on the Tamar
D                                 G      D
It open us up to the east
              e                                       b
And the English they live in our houses
              C                                        D
And the Spanish they fish in our seas.


(Noten)   (Midi)