The Cruel Sister

e                                                       D
There lived a lady by the North Sea shore
              e                  D         e
(Lay the bent tae the bonnie broom)
                         D                             b
Twa daughters were the babes she bore.
C              D         e

One was as bright as is the sun/So coal black grew the elder one.

A knight came riding to the lady's door/He travelled far to be their wooer.

He courted one a-with gloves and rings/But he loved the other above all things.

Sister, sister won't you walk with me/And see the ships sail on the sea.

And as they stood on that windy shore/The black girl pushed the younger o'er.

Sometimes she sank and sometimes she swam/Crying sister reach to me your hand.

And there she floated just like a swan/The salt sea carried her body on.

Two minstrels walking by the North Sea strand/They saw the maiden a-float to land.

They made a harp out of her breast bone/The sound of which would melt a heart of stone.

They took three locks of her yellow hair/Then with them strung the harp so rare.

And as they laid her on a stone/The harp began to play alone.

The first string as that they tried/Then terror seized the black-haired bride.

The second string played a doleful sound/The younger sister she is drowned.

The third string it played beneath their bow/And surely now her tears will flow.

(Noten)   (Midi)