Jamie Raeburn's Farewell

a                                F                    G                          a
My name is Jamie Raeburn, in Glasgow I was born,
                                  F               G                                    a
My place and habitation I'm forced to leave with scorn;
                                             F           C                               G
Frae my place and habitation I now must gang a wa'
       a                           F                              G              a
Far frae the bonnie hills and dales o' Caledonia.

It was early one morning just by the break of day,
We were wakened by the turnkey, who unto us did say:
"Arise, ye hapless convicts, arise ye, ane and a',
this is the day ye are to stray from Caledonia."

We a' arose, put on our clothes, our hairts were fu' o' grief,
Our friends wha stood around the coach, could grant us no relief,
Our parents, wives and sweethearts dear, their hairts were broke in twa,
To see us leave the bonnie braes o' Caledonia.

Fareweel, my aged mither, I'm vexed for what I've done,
I hope none will cast up to you the race that I have run;
I hope God will protect you when I am far awa',
Far frae the bonnie hills and dales o' Caledonia.

Fareweel, my honest father, ye were the best o' men,
And likewise my ain sweetheart, it's Catherine is her name,
Nae mair we'll walk by Clyde's clear stream or by the Broomielaw,
For I must leave the hills and dales o' Caledonia.

(Noten)   (Midi)