The Lowlands Of Holland

(Capo 1. Bund)

         D                              G              D                          h
Last night I was a-married, and in my wedding bed
       D                                   G               D             A            D
Up came a bold sea-captain, and stood at my bed-head.
                                                   G             D               e            D               A
Saying "Arise, arise young married man, and come along with me.
             G                     D    h                  e              A     D
To the Lowlands of Holland for to fight the enemy."

I held my love in my arms still thinking he might stay
But the captain gave another shout: he was forced to go away
"T'is many a blithe young married man this night must go with me
To the Lowlands of Holland to fight the enemy."

Oh, Holland it is a wondrous place and in it grows much green
It's too wild a habitation for my true love to lie in
The wild flowers grow most plentuous there and fruit on every tree
But the Lowland of Holland are between my love and me.

They took my love to a gallant ship, a ship of noble fame
With four-and-twenty seamen bold to steer across the main
The storm then began to rise and the seas began to shout
'Twas then my love and his gallant ship were sorely tossed about.

Says the mother to the daughter: "What makes you so lament?
Is there ne'er a man in Ireland who will please your discontent?"
There are men enough in Ireland but none at all for me
In the Lowlands of Holland, my love is across the sea.

I'll wear not shoe or stocking or a comb put in my hair
Nor fire bright nor candle light shall show my beauty rare.
Nor will I wed with any young man until the day I die,
Since the Lowlands of Holland are between my love and me.

(Noten)   (Midi)