Matt Malone

My name is Matt Malone
                      G                           e
And I've no place to call my own
Some people call me low and sly and canny
I've known joy and I've known pain
                   G                                e
I've faced sun and wind and rain
            a                       G                       a
And a tinker's life is not the life of many.

And the road is long and wide
And misfortune haunts my side
My legs are getting old from constant roving
But my pride is nearly gone
And money have I none
And I hate to face the sun rise in the morning.

And I could tell you of the day
When I was young and I was gay
A man could roam the country in his own van
But now the people say
Come on tinker on your way
We do not like you messing with our homeland.


In those days so long ago
When I met Jenny from Mayo
Fair of face her eyes forever charmed me
But she couldn't bear the load
Of the long and dusty road
Now her grave lies on the hill outside Killarny.

And I've met wise men in my time
And I've drunk the golden wine
I've rambled for the joy of just being moving
I've met good men I've met fools
But I always knew the rules
A tinker must always be a-moving.


And I know that one day soon
When the roadside is in bloom
I'll lay me down beneath the scented clover
For a girl can't always fight
One some lonely summer's night
I'll take a rest me rambling will be over.


(Noten)   (Midi)