Mo Ghile Mear

D                             b        D
Sé mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear
G          D              G        A
Sé mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear
b              G            b                  D
Suan ná séan ní bhfuaireas féin
                                         A       D
Ó chuaigh I gcéin mo Ghile Mear.


D                               A     D
Grief and pain are all I know
                                     e            A
My heart is sore my tears a flow
       D                           A           b
We saw him go our buchal beau
      G              D             G              A
No word we know of him och on.


A proud and gallant chevalier
A high man’s scion of gentle mien
A fiery blade engaged to reap
He’d break the bravest in the field.


Come sing his praise as sweet harps play
And proudly toast his noble frame
With spirit and with mind aflame
So wish him strength and length of day.

Chorus (2 x)

(Noten)   (Midi)