Piper MacNeil

D                                  h
Ye'll a' hae heard o' Piper MacNeil
A canty chap and a coothie chiel,
        G        D             G               D
And a my days Ah lo'ed him weel
                                           A            D
For he dearly lo'ed the whisky-o.

        F                                       d
The whisky's guid aye the whisky's grand,
A wee droppie o Y'll dae ye nae harm,
       Bb          F                Bb      F
An' Ah only wish that in my airms
                                                         C            F
Ah had a great bottle o' hielan whisky-o.

When Ah cam staggerin' haeme at nicht
As fou as only man could be.
Ah struck a post an' doon Ah fell
Jist wi' a drappie whisky-o.


When Ah cam staggerin' up the door
Ma mither rase an' she slipped the bar.
But when she saw ma claes a' glar
She said "Curse tae the Hielan whisky-o.


Now mither ye needna angry be
And intae passion, dinna flee,
For aye until the day Ah dee
Ah'll aye tak a wee drappie whisky-o.


(Noten)   (Midi)