The Reason I Left Mullingar

(Capo 3. Bund)

  e                                     D       C       G
I walked through this city a stranger,
        F                C                G-D
in a land I can never call home.
  e                           D                  C            G
I cursed the sad notion that caused me,
     e                      D
in search of my fortune to roam.
      e                D                      C    G
I'm weary of working and drinking,
       F            C                             G-D
my week's wages left in the bar.
         e                  D                     C                       G
And Lord it's a shame for to use a friend's name,
     e                   D
to beg for the price of a jar.

      e                      D                   C    G
I remember that bright April morning,
              F                    C           G-D
When I left home to travel afar.
            e                           D
For to work till you're dead,
              C                    G
for one room and a bed.
                    C              D               G
It's not the reason I left Mullingar.

Oh, this London's a city of heartbreak.
On Friday there's friends by the score,
but when the pay's finished on Monday,
a friend's not a friend anymore.
For the working day seems never ending.
From the shovel and pick there's no break,
and when you're not working, you're spending
the fortune you left home to make.


And for every man here that finds fortune,
and comes home to tell off the tale,
each morning the broadway is crowed
with many the thousands who fail.
So young men of Ireland take warning
in London you never will find
the gold at the end of the rainbow,
you might just have left it behind.

Chorus (2x)

(Noten)   (Midi)