Smoke And Strong Whiskey

D                                                   G
Kids wear white garters and smell like their mothers
              C                                          G
Whose husbands and fathers alike
                      D                                          C
Drink black beer in the same public houses
                      D                                 G
Smelling of smoke and strong Whiskey.

Mammies and Daddies and skipping ropes lectures from priests who are living in hope
That they've not mistaken the brand of their coats paid for by their spiritual teachings.

A busy year this, streets running red how many sent to their nuptial bed
How many sent home to a winter of graves how many wait in for the slaughter?

G a       D
Oh the holy ground
C                                          a                                         D
Cead mile failte, there's saints and scholars to see
G a       D
Oh the holy ground
C                                       a                                                  D  (em-am)
Far away hills ain't as green as they once used to be.

It's Easter again, and we cannot forget our brothers and sisters and all that was said
So practise your pipes and stand proud in the wet. For the eyes of the world are upon you.

God in his mercy has given us men to lead us to peace but they can't bring an end
To the profits that pay off the lease on the land we're still sending them over the water.

Seventeen years and Kelly is a man who stands on the street with a gun in his hand
Protecting the pipers who play in the band while the enemy waits with an army.


Dia le hEireann, suckle the empire. Dia le hEireann, suffer the loss.
Of the green to the blue while the media feeds on the blood and the pain and the hatred.

Father walks home on a colourless night the organisation has blinded his sight.
His wife and his kids are sleeping tonight in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

Chorus (2x)

(Noten)   (Midi)