The Sodger's Return

A                                           D                E
When wild war's deadly blast was blawn,
         A                          D  E
And gentle peace returning,
       A                                  D         E
Wi' mony a sweet babe fatherless
         A                         D  E   A
And mony a widow mourning;
                                  D          E

I left the lines and tented field,
             A                          D   E
Where lang I'd been a lodger,
      A                                D        E
My humble knapsack a' my wealth,
   A                             D E A
A poor but honest sodger.

At length I reach'd the bonie glen,
Where early life I sported;
I pass'd the mill and trysting thorn,
Where Nancy aft I courted:
Wha spied I but my ain dear maid,
Down by her mother's dwelling!
And turn'd me round to hide the flood
That in my e'en was swelling.

Wi' alter'd voice, quoth I, "Sweet lass,
Sweet as yon hawthorn's blossom,
O! happy, happy may he be,
That's dearest to thy bosom:
My purse is light, I've far to gang,
And fain would be thy lodger;
I've served my king and country lang –
Take pity on a sodger."

She gaz'd – she redden like a rose –
Syne pale like only lily;
She sank within my arms and cried,
"Art thou my ain dear Willie?"
"By him who made yon sun and sky
By whom true love's regarded,
I am the man; and thus may still
True lovers be rewarded."

(Noten)   (Midi)