Tall Ships


            e                   b                     e

Oh the fishermen rise with the sun,

                                        b                     e

And they work till the day's nearly done,

G                                   D                                          b

Hauling empty nets, while the cold sun sets

               C                  D              e

And the winter has barely begun.

                                          b                       e

There's a lighthouse a mile from the shore

                                        b                         e

That the storm-weary sailors search for,

G                                          D                                         b

When the wind and rain bring their gales again,

   C                          D               e

It won't shine for them any more!



                                  b                       e

On the skyline the tall ships sail by,

                                              b                    e

Bound for London, their decks piled high

G                                        D                                                   b

Fruits of warmer lands, passing through our hands

           C                 D                    e

So we look for a storm in the sky.


We have families with sons on the sea

Oh they work the tall ships of the sea;

But our choice is made by the winter days,

And the children who watch from the quay.


That wild evening the word flew around,

A tall merchantman's tempted aground

How we shout and sing! glad to greet the spring,

Though we weep for the sailors we've drowned!




November wind chills to the bone,

And December rain lashes the stones.

Sea that brings us life! take your sacrifice

And bring back the hope to our homes.


Chorus (twice)

Ah we look for a storm in the sky.

(Noten)   (Midi)