The Setting / Mary from Dungloe

C                   G           F                  C
I'll never forget the walk to the station,
F                      C                                                    G
Me with your suitcase being brotherly and strong.
        C                        F                  G                 a
And tryin' to make light of the whole situation,
    F                    C                G                                   F              G
In light conversation we moved through the throng.

And you with your bright eyes and best dress for travelling
And me in my work clothes, unshaven and plain,
I fully intended to put in a half day,
When my good intentions went with you on the train.

And I never looked back as the train left the station,
Crossed over the road way and into the park,
And there in a bar an old man was singing,
And I sat there drinking until it grew dark.

          C              G          F                    C
And I wished I was in sweet Dungloe
(And  now the stars were hidden by rain clouds,)
        F           G          C        G
and seated on the grass
(The song of the old man still locked in my brain,)
        C          G          F        G
And by my side a bottle

(And all emigration is the curse of a nation)
        F          G          C       G
and on my knee a lass
(The setting now fitting his sad sweet refrain.)
     C           G         F        G
I'd call for liquor of the best
( And now all the stars were hidden by rain clouds,)
     F          G        C   G
I'd pay before I go
( I heard the birds singing on the dawning of the day)
             C           G       F         C
and I'd roll my Mary in my arms
(And there was no help from the city forthcoming,)
           F                     G           C
in the sweet town of Dungloe
(No sympathy numbed your going away.)

(Noten)   (Midi)