Woman Of No Place

e                 b              A
Free spirit cross the mountain pass
e              b               A
Move on down the glen
         e                    b              A
Your song will be heard on fair day
               e          b            A
Let your music kiss the wind.

e            b     A
Keeper of a treasure
e                b            A
Bard of an ancient race
         e                b         A
Your voice will live forever
e            b       A
Woman of no place.  

On matchday bright and by campfire light
The people heard you call
From far and wide to by your side
And at your feet did fall.


Strayaway child roadside born
You sang for your supper
You made your name then came the fame
You lived a life of wonder.


A hard life fought so much you brought
With your banjo and your songs
We thank you yet and won’t forget
Brave woman of the roads.


(Noten)   (Midi)